With over 30 years of business accounting experience, you can rest assured that your day to day financial’s are in order with Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC.

Business Accounting

We know that handling your business finances are a task to undertake. Whether your business does not have the time, manpower, or the know how, take the burden of your business finances off of yourself. We handle businesses of all sizes and no financial problems are too small or big to handle. Listed below are the services that we provide for our trusted business accounting clients.

IRS Representation: Limited representation rights authorize a tax professional to represent you. Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC will fight for you and your business in the face of a very intimidating situation.

Monthly Bookkeeping: Using a monthly bookkeeping service is a highly valuable resource to any business regardless of size. Our detailed bookkeeping service will allow you the business owner to be fully aware of what is coming in and what is going out. Your job is to make a profit. Let us handle the books.

Sales Tax Reporting: If your business sells goods or provides services of any kind, you are required by law to report all sales tax. Let a reputable firm handle this task.

Payroll Check Writing: Our firm will handle your businesses payroll check writing along with accompanying monthly, quarterly, and yearly summaries, quarterly/year-end reports and all payroll tax filings.

Property Tax Listings: We will help you as the business owner to review your tax listings and give you the best possible outcome for your filings.

Financial Statements: Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC will prepare general-purpose financial statements; including balance sheets, income statements, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows for your business.

Tax Preparation: If your business needs someone to take another look at your tax preparation before filing, or if you just have a box of receipts, we will ensure that your business will have the preparation it needs before filing.

Personal Financial Planning

At Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC we want to ensure that your personal financial planning is on the path to success. Our personal financial planning services include.

Financial Planning: Let our qualified staff help you meet your financial goals. We will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your finances and will give you the right tools to get you on a path of long term financial security.

Estate Planning: No one wants to think about end of life situations but it is a necessity for you and your family. Entrust Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC for all of your estate planning needs. Your loved ones will thank you.

Retirement Planning: We will guide you in the right direction on how to invest your earned money to ensure that you will be comfortable later in life.

Divorce Planning: We’re sorry that it didn’t work out. Let us help you to get in a position where a bad situation in life doesn’t have a harmful financial effect in your future.

LLC Annual Reports: If you are an owner or member of a limited liability company (LLC), there is a LLC annual report filing requirement. An LLC annual report is sometimes called a “Statement of Information” which must be filed with an applicable state administrative agency or regulatory authority. Let Phillip J. Rink CPA, PLLC handle this for you.

Bill Paying: Tired of keeping up with the mountain of bills? Let us take this stressful task off your plate. We will pay your debtors every month with our Monthly Bill Paying service.

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